Trends in Workers’ Compensation Drug Payments

WCRI reports dermatological agents, NSAIDS lead prescription payments in 28 states

The Right Tools for the Job

What you need for a thorough and ethical investigation in first-party claims

Defense Strategies in the “New Normal”

Trial recommendations for counsel and claims professionals in the wake of COVID-19

Getting to Know: Taylor Rawal

Learn how this young professional, CLMP, SCLA, and SECURA's Senior Claims Representative found her calling in the industry, and how she is using her claims skills to effectively advocate for her developmentally disabled three-year-old daughter

The Fraud That Never Happens

Fraud deterrence and the critical work of CSRs

Increasing Your Odds

Decisions shed light on when the work-product doctrine might protect data breach forensics reports

CLM National: May 2021

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Climate Change Litigation 2.0

Have plaintiffs’ attorneys found a winning legal strategy to move claims forward?

Common Pitfalls of Extra-Contractual Risk Exposure

How to spot potential problems, including those caused by COVID-19

Surprising Trends in 2021

What do CLM members and fellows find remarkable about their work so far this year?

Promise of New Beginnings

It’s May, which means graduation season is upon us

Developing Nuclear Weapons

CLM’s Nuclear Verdict Task Force debuts first of four web trainings

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