“What do certifications like those being earned at CLM's Claims College mean to you?"

Nelson Tavares, SVP of Claims at W.R. Berkley, is one of five senior claims executives to answer this month's question.

Around the Nation: September 2013

State news and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.

Solving Problems

The CLM is committed to changing the industry and solving its problems.

The Payer and the Pharmacy Benefit Manager

The evolution of the PBM hits a peak at a crucial time for optimized cost savings and customer service.

Inside Risk with Emily Cummins, National Rifle Association

The NRA's Director of Tax and Risk Management explains how using the rules of gun safety helps her handle the challenges for this often-controversial nonprofit.

The Calm Before the Storm

Industry survey results show clear skies, but a talent shortage looms on the horizon.

Looking to the Future: A Review of Tomorrow’s Lawyers

Richard Susskind's book attempts to predict a paradigm shift in the way legal services are provided.

Going It Alone

Handling short-term housing internally might result in not-so-temporary downsides.

Fight or Flight?

Navigating the decision to litigate in product liability claims.

Cause for Pause

The Supreme Court’s pro-business ruling should spur revisions in arbitration clauses.

The Growth of Contractor Networks

Many insurers and third-party claims managers have extended the function of the claims process to include a contractor referral program.

Mind the Gap

Weathering the statutory notification process when a data breach occurs.

Streamlining the Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Process

Find out how the Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Portal helps ease the submission and review process.

Nights at the Roundtable

Claims professionals weigh in on the value of discussion.

The Emerging Importance of Cellular Data Analysis

More and more investigators, adjusters, and carriers are having cellular data records retrieved and analyzed by a competent expert.

In the C-Suite: Matt McColley

We chat with Riverport Insurance Company’s Vice President and Chief Claims Officer.

Is Policy Language a Major Hurdle to Selling Directly?

If policies offered online are too complicated for those outside the industry to understand, it might scare off a number of potential prospects.

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