CLM Voices: Getting to Know Christopher Fusco

Callahan & Fusco is big enough to compete, but small enough to ensure that their clients have access to everyone.

September 03, 2018 Photo

With six offices, 23 attorneys, and 50 total employees, Callahan & Fusco is big enough to compete, but small enough to ensure that their clients have access to everyone on their team—including Fusco.

Brooklyn Beginnings

Fusco was a senior assistant district attorney in Brooklyn for four years before heading into private practice—which, famously like Apple, began in a garage. He chose insurance defense because the skills he learned from being a prosecutor matched up well on the defense side. Although hopeful, he never dreamed he would find the kind of firm success he has achieved.

Working in King County's DA Office in Brooklyn

“I always look back to the year that I tried 13 cases to verdict in a 12-month period (including four homicide cases). Experiencing that kind of pressure and responsibility as a young attorney makes you tough.”

Taking a Stand

Fusco doesn’t necessarily think insurers should try more cases, but he believes in working with his clients to find cases in which they don’t budge and resist last-minute settlements. He says plaintiff’s attorneys are waiting for carriers to cave; not doing so every time makes the industry stronger.

Philosophy for Managing Litigation Risks

“I always say, ‘Be tough, but don’t be a cowboy.’”

TV Ready

Fusco provides legal analysis to the MSG Network, MLB Network, and New York Times, but he got his start on Court TV, where he would comment on live trial proceedings. Because of his criminal and civil background, he could watch a cross-examination, then offer immediate analysis of what was happening. He says his work as a prosecutor taught him to be quick on his feet.

What It Takes to Run a Successful Firm

“Keep your promises and work hard—there’s really no magic to it.’”


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