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CLM’s Webinars Tackle Every Angle of COVID-19

Did you miss one of these informative sessions? Worry not—we summarize all of them below

May 11, 2020 Photo

Even though in-person events at CLM have been cancelled through June 2020, CLM is still focused on providing education in a collaborative learning atmosphere. For instance, CLM ramped up its webinar offerings throughout April 2020 to include nine special COVID-19-focused sessions that put a magnifying glass on the potential impacts of the coronavirus on claims and litigation across many lines of business.

Not sure what you missed? Worry not—we summarize all of them below, and all of these presentations are available to listen to at any time by clicking on "archive" and looking up "COVID-19 Webinar Series" at www.theclm.org/webinars.

Extra-Contractual Considerations in Adjusting COVID-19 Claims

First Aired: April 7, 2020

Summary: This webinar focused on operational considerations; prevention of institutional bad faith; the obligation to investigate and adjust each claim in relation to coverage issues and defenses; red flags intended to set the insurer up for extra-contractual liability; and recent governmental regulations and moratoriums.

Key Quote: “Perhaps not right away, but in the next few months there will be a deluge of claims based on the most inventive coverage scenarios that we can imagine.”—Ted Colquett, founding partner at Colquett Law LLC


COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Insurance Industry

First Aired: April 14, 2020

Summary: This webinar discussed COVID-19 and the impact that it is already starting to have on the insurance industry, and the many types of claims that are to come.

Key Quote: “Lloyd’s of London CEO John Neal stated in a recent article that the losses from COVID-19 could be as significant a loss as those resulting from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria combined.”—Claudia Costa, partner at Gordon & Rees LLP

COVID-19 and Workers Compensation

First Aired: April 16, 2020

Summary: This webinar discussed anticipated complications to temporary indemnity and medical benefits related to delayed medical procedures and examinations; lay-offs; furloughs; and other issues affecting accommodation and regular employment.

Key Quote: “There have been at least two state legislatures tackling workers compensation and that first responders and health care workers will have a rebuttable presumption of work-related illness if they contract COVID-19.”—Patrick Sodoro, managing partner at Sodoro, Mooney, and Lenaghan

COVID-19 and Correctional Facilities: Mitigating both Transmission and Liability

First Aired: April 21, 2020

Summary: This webinar looked at areas correctional facilities can consider for protection of inmates and staff; legal obstacles and requirements; insurance perspectives; and managing litigation initiated as a result of inmates contracting the virus while in custody.

Key Quote: “As lawyers, we try to look for a case we can point to in the past that is close to what we’re dealing with, then replicate the arguments and legal standards that apply. I think the MRSA cases, although not a perfect fit, are probably the closest to what we have with COVID-19.”—Samuel Hall Jr., attorney at Crivello Carlson S.C.

Optimizing Your Insurance Industry Job Search Process During COVID-19 and Beyond!

First Aired: April 21, 2020

Summary: Given COVID-19’s impact on the economy, this webinar aimed to help those suddenly looking for work by teaching them how to optimize their resume and understand how jobs are filled in 2020.

Key Quote: “I want to talk about your resume, and I want to talk about your LinkedIn profile. After we’re done, you’ll understand why so many people who apply for jobs never hear back, and then I’ll tell you what you can do about it.”—Roger Lear, co-founder of GreatInsuranceJobs.com

Stop the Spread…Don’t Let COVID-19 Infect You with Insurance Fraud

First Aired: April 23, 2020

Summary: While others are seeking to protect themselves and their families, fraudsters are already creating schemes and scams to profit from the COVID-19 crisis. This webinar taught attendees about those scams, how SIUs need to be ready to fight COVID-19 fraud, and the lessons that attendees can learn from past experiences.

Key Quote: “All indications are that this is going to be the largest spike in insurance fraud that we have ever seen in the history of our profession.”—Matthew Smith, executive director of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Practical Considerations for Environmental and Toxic Tort Litigation During COVID-19 Pandemic

First Aired: April 28, 2020

Summary: Attendees learned how different courts and states are handling discovery, court conferences, and their respective docket management in environmental and toxic tort matters. It also explained how COVID-19 has impacted ongoing pollution cases and cleanups, and how the disease has obstructed the federal, state, and local agencies and labs tasked with enforcing environmental laws and regulations.

Key Quote: “Whenever we hit a change in asbestos/toxic-tort litigation—a new judge in a jurisdiction or a backlog of cases created by some unrelated event like COVID-19—the playing field tends to shift in favor of the plaintiffs. Defense counsel and claims professionals need to fight to keep balance during these times, especially since toxic-tort litigation [begins under the assumption] that the defendant is guilty until proven innocent.”—Stephen Rossetti Jr., partner at Cetrulo LLP

Impact of COVID-19 on Construction Projects

First Aired: April 30, 2020

Summary: Presenters addressed force majeure clauses in contracts as well as what happens when active construction projects are kept open for site safety concerns, but contractor/subcontractors are fearful to perform work due to their own safety or payment concerns. It also discussed the interplay between design professionals and contractors who cannot meet in person, as well as coverage challenges.

Key Quote: “While claims adjusters and attorneys alike have been and will continue to field questions from the major players, it is critical to have a good understanding of the contracts, scope of work, and coverage, and also to recognize that everyone on these construction projects is in uncharted territory.”—Gary Strong, attorney at Gfeller Laurie LLP

ADR Options During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

First Aired: April 30, 2020

Summary: This webinar described what online mediation is and how it can differ from in-person mediation. It addressed how online ADR can be used in claims now; offered tips for a successful online mediation; and made suggestions for how technology can improve dispute resolution when moving online.

Key Quote: “The directive is clear: Let’s keep resolving claims! Fortunately, virtual mediation allows us to do just that, because it provides an amazing platform that enables us to communicate and negotiate just like we would if we were face to face.”—Joe Hassinger, director at Galloway Johnson Tompkins Burr & Smith

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