Getting to Know: Mary Anne Medina

Vale Training’s new vice president opens up on the claims training environment and her love of liability.

November 21, 2014 Photo

On her favorite claims training topics:

“Now that I am not in the classroom, I realize just how much I enjoyed the interaction with attendees. Not only is it an atmosphere of learning from the instructor but also from each other. The interaction among people in the industry from all areas of the country and in all levels of experience is empowering. My favorite courses are the casualty and liability courses. Liability impacts all of our lives on a daily basis. Whether it is an auto accident, someone falling in a business, a head injury in sports, a failure of a drug or product, or a work injury like contracting of Ebola on the job, a determination of who is liable and accountable for the damages must be completed.” 

On the power of “right-now” technologies:

“Everything today is instant. The same is true in the claims world. We expect our claims to be handled instantly, and it’s often accomplished through satellite imagery, digital photos, digital statements, virtual adjusting, smartphones, and electronic payments. Note that there is not one piece of paper required for these things. The paperless claims file has transformed how we train and educate those coming into the industry. We also can train remotely, which accommodates those who work remotely or not in the traditional office setting.”

On her favorite piece of technology:

“It’s by far the smartphone. Think of all of the things we can accomplish with it in our daily jobs. We can set up a claim, verify and transmit insurance coverage, take and send scene photos, record a video, map to a location, and use it to verify VIN numbers for auto claims and serial numbers for personal property identification and inventory claims. All of this on a device that fits in your pocket.” 

On her work on CLM’s Bad Faith Committee:

“Bad faith is a topic about which I am very passionate. For many years, adjusters and companies were fearful of accusations of bad faith. We now know that it is our responsibility to educate others about bad faith. What is it? What are the best claims practices and fair claims practices that we need to practice in our companies and everyday claims handling to help to prevent bad faith? I am honored to be part of such a group of dedicated, educated, and experienced individuals who come together to share knowledge and make the industry a better place. As with all of the committees at CLM, these individuals go above and beyond what is required of them to participate. Committees like these take an enormous amount of time and planning but provide an unprecedented educational offering and networking event.” 

On her secret to success:

“My passion for the industry and commitment to its values are what I believe to be the keys to my success. I wake up excited to start each day, and I’m thankful to be in a job that I love. It’s an honor to be the new leader of Vale, which has been training those in the insurance industry for almost 70 years. I accept the challenge and responsibility for those we train and educate because it helps ensure we leave a valuable legacy.”  

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