How will the use of drones improve the insurance claims industry?

Melissa Hill, Hamilton USA., and three others answer this month's question.

May 29, 2017 Photo

“As virtual eyes, drones are improving the customer experience. We’re able to adjudicate claims faster using the digital resolution photos a drone produces for every inch of property, providing non-biased data analysis.”  

Melissa Hill, Senior Vice President & Chief Resolution Officer, Hamilton USA. CLM Fellow since 2015


“Claims processing will be more efficient and safer. In a few minutes, drones can produce high-resolution images—even 3D modeling—of any structure, including areas previously considered inaccessible. We may even see insect-sized drones, which will further expand data collection capabilities.” 

Victor Rocha, Associate, Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Darling & Mah Inc. CLM Member since 2016.


“The role of drones will continue to increase—accessing difficult locations, rapidly surveying large areas, and capturing images and data via onboard devices on eventual autonomous flights. Advanced uses will further enable claims professionals to deliver an efficient, effective, customer-centric claims experience.” 

Dan Moore, Senior Vice President, Claims, QBE North America. CLM Fellow since 2015.


“Drones are making their way into the claims operations of all insurers. They will have an impact on the claims industry by providing a safe, inexpensive, on-demand experience while delivering high-resolution images to settle claims in a timely manner.” 

Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action. CLM Fellow since 2014.



Projected average annual percentage growth rate of the commercial small unmanned aerial systems fleet from 2016-2021. 

Source: FAA

$6.8 Billion

Predicted value of current business services and labor that are likely to be replaced in the very near future by drone-powered solutions in the insurance industry.

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers


Percent of present commercial usage of small unmanned aerial systems for insurance purposes.

Source: FAA


Miles per hour maximum horizontal speed of DJI’s Phantom 4 drone in sport mode.  

Source: DJI


Projected number of remote pilots in 2021, compared to 20,362 in 2016.

Source: FAA

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