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Essential gear for CLM's 2017 Cyber Summit

August 10, 2017 Photo

CLM and Business Insurance will hold the 2017 Cyber Summit in New York this October. Conference Co-Chair and CLM Member Ethan Harrington explains what attendees will learn and how they can put that knowledge to use to stay on top of the rapidly changing cyber landscape.

What do you consider the essential topics being discussed at the summit? 

We wanted to provide the audience with a broad array of topics, with a centralized focus on the increase in regulations, the threat from negligent vendors or employees, and how organizations may protect themselves from becoming the latest victims in news headlines. We also felt it was vitally important to discuss how the marketplace has changed, and the utilization of data analytics for additional feedback.

What kinds of trends did you see in the sessions that were either submitted for consideration or accepted?

We received many submissions about trends in the cyber environment, including placing coverage, the regulatory landscape, and handling of claims. With multiple states or regulatory bodies issuing guidance or new regulations, it is difficult to understand the differing views that may impact organizations. Additionally, with the increase in claims frequency and complexity, many organizations are now experiencing claims and seeking support on how to traverse the claims process.

Is there one session or topic that you’re most excited about? 

The opening session, Cyber Masterclass, is very exciting, as it will hit on many of the essential topics mentioned previously. The audience will receive great takeaways on new areas of coverage, how to address changing regulations, and important steps to take in the event of a claim. 

What one thing do you hope attendees leave the summit having learned?

Broadly, we hope audience members leave with more knowledge on how they may best respond to the quickly developing landscape. As is often the case with breaches, there are new twists we must consider. We must evolve to address the needs of our respective organizations or areas of expertise, and we hope attendees leave feeling better equipped and with resources to collaborate.

What do you consider the greatest cyber risk as it relates to your business?

We believe all organizations are concerned about not only losing sensitive data—customer data, employee data, or intellectual property—but also impairment in the event of a large-scale business interruption claim. The inability to provide services, sell products, or deploy industrial controls systems should concern all parties involved in the cyber industry.

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Phil Gusman

Phil Gusman is senior managing editor for CLM Magazine and Construction Claims magazine.  phil.gusman@theclm.org

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