CLM Voices: Getting to Know Donnette Washington

Donnette Washington - Director of Risk Management, HITT Contracting Inc.

May 08, 2017 Photo

With more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, spanning coverages for Fortune 500 companies, government contractors, construction companies, and large non-profits, Washington knows how to saddle up when it comes to managing risk.

Pets First
Washington wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a little girl, citing early influences like Jane Goodall as inspiration. Her first career choice was derailed, however, when her parents told her that she would not, in fact, be permitted to go live in the woods with all of its animals.

“Risk management chose me and I love it! It is a rewarding and challenging career that has helped me grow and improve daily as a person.”  Washington, on how she found her calling
Who’s At Fault?  
Washington typically deals with builders’ risk, general liability, and workers compensation claims from work being done on construction sites, and she’s had one recurring frustration. Losses that are clearly the subcontractor’s fault, such as a broken sprinkler that causes water damage, often are denied in a knee-jerk fashion by the subcontractor’s insurance carrier.

“The world is becoming more risky. We are moving away from morals in a world where anything goes and everything is acceptable.”   Washington, answering the question, “Is the world getting more or less risky?”

Slippery Slope   

Washington says that she is noticing more slip and fall claims in her work, which she attributes to an aging workforce on construction job sites. Much like the claims industry, she worries that there is not enough new talent entering the construction field to step into the work boots of those retiring.

“My passion is horses; I love to ride as often as possible. I also enjoy playing tennis, meeting people, and spending time with family.”  Washington, on what drives her in and out of work

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