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Changes Over the Years

The definitive timeline of CLM’s biggest moments

August 08, 2022 Photo

CLM has gone through many changes and celebrated numerous successes over the past 15 years. There have been so many, in fact, that it is difficult to remember them all. As we commemorate 15 years of CLM throughout August 2022, CLM Magazine’s editors researched and compiled all of the noteworthy dates and events since the organization was first created in 2007, including conference locations, leadership changes, and award winners.


•     Council on Ethical Billing (CEB) launched by Adam Potter, who becomes CEO.


•     CEB and the International Litigation Management Association (ILMA) agree to merge. The combined organization retains the CEB name and broadens its focus to include litigation management.

•     CEB changes its name to the Council on Litigation Management (CLM).

•     CLM’s first Annual Conference is held in Orlando.


•     Annual Conference held in Phoenix.


•     Annual Conference held in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.


•     CLM changes its acronym meaning to Claims and Litigation Management Alliance.

•     Annual Conference held in New Orleans.

•     First Litigation Management Institute program held.

•     Litigation Management magazine launches as quarterly publication.


•     CLM introduces Tracker product.

•     Annual Conference held in San Diego.

•     Claims Management magazine launches as monthly publication.

•     Inaugural Professionals of the Year: Ken Carter (Claims); Karen Dunning (Corporate); Mike Caspino (Outside Defense).


•     Annual Conference held in San Antonio.

•     Claims College launches with four schools: Claims Management, Professional Lines, Transportation, and Workers’ Comp. 

•     Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Dean Harring.

•     Professionals of the Year: Matt Morrison (Claims); Jeff Schneider (Corporate); Pamela Carter (Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Boca Raton, Fla.

•     Claims College’s School of Claims Management changes to Casualty Claims; Schools of Construction, Insurance Fraud, and Property added.

•     Journal of American Law launches as peer-reviewed quarterly publication. 

•     Lifetime Achievement Award: Frank Lattal.

•     Professionals of the Year: Angela Henderson (Claims); Bob Baer (Litigation Management); Kevin O’Toole (Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Palm Desert, Calif.

•     Claims College adds School of Claims Mediation.

•     WC magazine launches as bi-monthly publication.

•     Lifetime Achievement Award: George Fay.

•     Professionals of the Year: Murielle Arn (Claims); Shay Gilmore (Litigation Management); Rich King (Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Orlando.

•     Claims College adds Schools of Cyber Claims and Extra-Contractual.

•    CLM and MC Consultants merge their construction conferences and jointly produce a national construction-defect conference.

•     Construction Claims magazine launches as quarterly publication.

•     Lifetime Achievement Award: Helen Gillcrist and JoAnn Goff.

•     Professionals of the Year: Cameron Shirley (Claims); Linette Ranieri (Litigation Management); Brenda Radmacher (Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Nashville. 

•     Claims College adds School of Leadership.

•     Litigation Management and Claims Management magazines merge to form CLM Magazine.

•     Professional Times launches as quarterly publication.

•     CLM unveils Universal Claims Certification (UCC) initiative at Annual Conference.

 •    Lifetime Achievement Award: Jane Tutoki.

•    Professionals of the Year: Lisa Unger (Claims); Caryn Siebert (Litigation Management); Angela Kopet (Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Houston.

•     CLM Magazine wins national silver award of excellence for redesigned publication from American Society of Business Publication Editors.

•     CLM acquires Claims Pages.

•     The Institutes acquires CLM and Claims Pages.

•     Anne Blume named CLM CEO; replaces Adam Potter.

•     Lifetime Achievement Award: Dave North.

•     Professionals of the Year: Robert Bowers (Claims); Simon Keshishian (Litigation Management); Teresa Beck (Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Orlando.

•     CLM Magazine wins regional bronze award of excellence for quarterly feature from American Society of Business Publication Editors.

•     First Litigation Management Symposium held.

•     Claims College removes School of Insurance Fraud.

•     Lifetime Achievement Award: Julie Fortune.

•     Young Industry and Young Outside Counsel awards added.

•     Professionals of the Year: Rose Hall (Claims); Angela Taylor (Litigation Management); Stephen Henning (Outside Counsel); Jamie Samaniego (Young Industry); Kellie Howard-Goudy (Young Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference in Dallas cancelled due to COVID-19.

•     Claims College adds School of Litigation Management.

•     Professionals of the Year: Cathy Gicker (Claims); Scott Schafer (Litigation Management); Rusty Goudelock (Outside Counsel); Avery Barrett (Young Industry); Alex Chazen (Young Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Atlanta in August, due to COVID-19.

•     First Preventing Nuclear Verdicts Workshop held.

•     Ronna Ruppelt named CLM CEO; replaces Anne Blume.

•    Lifetime Achievement Award: Steve Hunckler.

•     Professionals of the Year: Claire Muselman (Claims); Felicia McDonnell (Litigation Management); Kirsten Kaiser Kus (Outside Counsel); Mitchell Dane-Henry (Young Industry); Ebony Morris (Young Outside Counsel).


•     Annual Conference held in Palm Desert, Calif.

•     Lifetime Achievement Award: Vic Marmo.

•     Professionals of the Year: Bert Dizon (Claims); Alycen Moss (Litigation Management); Michael Young (Outside Counsel); Angela Oroian (Young Industry); Julie Buonocore (Young Outside Counsel).


About The Authors
Fran Clark

Fran Clark is SME Manager at CLM.  fran.clark@TheCLM.org

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