CLM Voices: Getting to Know Mitchell Dane-Henry

Handling growing risks at Sprouts Farmers Market

December 22, 2020 Photo

See how the natural foods grocer’s insurance program manager handles the growing list of risks for its 356 stores and more than 35,000 team members.

Love at First Notice   

Dane-Henry says it was the insurance industry that found him (not the other way around) when he was looking for a full-time job while also attending school full time. He started in customer service, taking first notice of losses, where he quickly fell in love with the industry’s intent on helping policyholders get back to their lives after a loss.

“Life certainly isn’t normal, but the ability to pivot and adapt to uncertainty has helped create positive opportunities.” Dane-Henry, discussing how COVID-19 has impacted his work. He says despite headwinds, Sprouts has stuck by its employees and created a safe environment for everyone to shop and work.

Risking It All

Dane-Henry made the jump to risk management because of the opportunity to manage many areas of risk and insurance in a corporate setting. He says it also afforded him an opportunity to understand different roles in the larger picture of the insurance and risk world while enhancing his perspectives on assessing risk, managing claims, and developing meaningful partnerships.

“Listen, ask questions, develop your personal brand, and pursue the things that interest you.” Dane-Henry, offering advice to other young professionals like himself. He says knowledge, professional development, and future opportunities are not provided without investment.

Knowledge Transfer

Dane-Henry says it is easy to get caught up in generational stereotypes related to different work motivations and preferences, but he believes this next generation is smart, nimble, and hungry for knowledge to lead the industry into the future. He encourages older professionals to take a moment and invest their time, knowledge, and expertise to ensure a capable future generation.

“Cooking is a passion of mine; it gives me an opportunity to craft and share something I’ve made with my friends and family.”  Dane-Henry, explaining what he misses most during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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