CLM Voices: Getting to Know Preston McGowan

McGowan talks transformation during uncertain times.

August 28, 2020 Photo

An experienced executive of change within carriers and insurance defense firms, McGowan talks transformation both personally and professionally during uncertain times. 

Road to Insurance

McGowan started his insurance career as an INROADS intern with Continental Insurance during his freshman year of college. Since that time, he’s worked in IT, underwriting, claims, marketing, risk management, and corporate strategy. He says this broad experience helps him understand the interdependencies between these various functions and informs how he leads change initiatives.

“The ‘garbage in, garbage out’ rule still applies.”  

McGowan, on why insurance  companies and law firms should increase their investment in data quality and usability in addition to developing the latest system applications. 

Transforming Attitudes

McGowan says at its essence, organizational transformations require employees to stop doing certain things and start doing others—something that is easier said than done. He says that is why leaders must be crystal clear about why they want to transform and what outcomes they want to achieve. This clarity of mission helps leaders make hard decisions and keeps them focused throughout the transformation journey. 

Business of Law   

When it comes to legal service providers, McGowan says he looks for those who are not only excellent in the practice of law, but also the business of law. He says the best are those who know their clients’ key business objectives and can quantifiably demonstrate how they are positively impacting them. He also looks for those who invest in technology, data governance, talent development, and diversity/inclusion/equity.

“What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?’”

McGowan, explaining why he asks himself this question before he makes a change in his life. He says most times, he makes better choices when he removes the “fear factor.”

“I’ve loved fishing for as long as I can remember. Reconnecting with nature in that way gives me energy.”

McGowan, on how he keeps his battery charged.

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