Getting to Know: Cathleen Rebar

Rebar Kelly's partner and shareholder learned to trust her instincts to find success

March 22, 2023 Photo

Laying Down the Law

Rebar began her career in the early 2000s as a prosecutor and quickly amassed a significant amount of jury trial experience, something that caught the eye of civil law firms. While she was passionate about civil service and considers her time as a prosecutor one of the most rewarding periods of her professional career, she was ready for a change and accepted an offer as a litigator in insurance defense. 

“Be confident in who you are, do your best, and stop apologizing.”  

Rebar, on the advice she would give to women who are entering into claims and litigation. 

Defining Confidence

In her early years, Rebar says she dedicated significant effort to honing her skills, but little time to improving her confidence and trusting her own instincts. As such, she felt besieged by male adversaries and was plagued by imposter syndrome. As she displayed confidence in herself and her abilities, she found respect followed most of the time and says the experiences made her tougher— “Without them, I would be neither as unapologetic about who I am, nor would I be the leader I am today.”

“My greatest professional inspirations have come in the form of the people I have met and worked with through CLM and at CLM.”

Rebar, expressing what she loves most about CLM.

Lessons Learned

In one memorable case, Rebar explains how she took over a case and became convinced a plaintiff’s sexual misconduct claims were false, despite what others involved in the case believed. She dug in and built a compelling defense, even overcoming internal objections of those who feared taking the case to trial despite the evidence. When the jury ruled in her favor, she knew it was because of her instincts and judgment. From that day forward, that has been her guidepost—and her results speak for themselves.

“Ringing a cow bell is about as close to a hobby as I have time for!” 

Rebar, who says her free time is consumed by volunteering and watching her son’s crew team compete.

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