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Getting to Know: Rose Charles

Sompo International's SVP has made her way from attorney to casualty claims expert earning success and fulfillment

February 22, 2023 Photo

From Courthouse to Claims

Rose makes it clear that claims came calling for her, not the other way around. She says she was struggling to maintain a work/life balance as a trial attorney shortly after the birth of her third child when one of her clients, Sompo International, proposed her coming aboard. They came up with the role that made sense, and just like that Rose was done living her life in .6 increments, but still doing the claims work she loves.

“Our underwriters and claims folks are subject matter experts in their industries, and I expect similar subject matter experience within a portfolio from a TPA.” 

Rose, who oversees external TPA operations, articulates what she thinks makes for a great vendor partner. 

Trends in Casualty

Rose handles casualty claims internationally, and she says across the board, the plaintiff’s bar is using the element of surprise more and more by stacking the deck and serving demand packages on the eve of trial. “Unfortunately, it’s working, so the pressure is on the defense and carriers to post reserves, identify costs, and, in some cases, spend more money defending claims to be fair to underwriting and actuarial partners,” she says.

“A great leader is someone who is willing to identify a person’s weakness and then find a way to help them overcome that challenge.” 

Rose, who has been helping develop claims professionals as part of CLM’s Claims College since 2019, says building highly effective teams speaks to what she values as a leader.

Show Us the Love

Rose has been a member of CLM since 2013 and says what she loves most about the organization is the opportunity to network with and meet like-minded professionals in claims or private practice, all pushing an insurance-minded agenda. She even attributes her understanding of the business of insurance to CLM—”I learned it from them!”

“I am a ‘have passport, will travel’ kind of girl!”

Rose, who emigrated to the U.S. at age 6 from Haiti. Each of her children received their passports at seven months old, and they prefer immersing themselves in the cultures of the countries they visit when they travel.


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Eric Gilkey

Eric Gilkey is vice president of content at the CLM, and serves as executive editor of CLM magazine, the flagship publication of the CLM.  eric.gilkey@theclm.org

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