The Biggest Surprises of 2022

CLM Fellows and Members share how the industry has surprised them this year

June 15, 2022 Photo

What would you say has been the biggest surprise for our industry so far in 2022?

“As courts return to business, I have been pleasantly surprised to see a number of defense verdicts in significant cases. There has been widespread concern over how the pandemic might affect the attitudes of juries. But early results are showing that many jurors are still willing to do the hard work of evaluating cases on the merits and returning defense verdicts where liability is questionable.”

Christopher Butler, Head of Claims, Bowhead Specialty Underwriters, Inc. CLM Fellow since 2015.

“I think the biggest surprise for the insurance industry in 2022 is the number of companies that have realized that working remotely can be an efficient and effective way of doing business. For many companies pre-pandemic, working remotely was always a ‘no.’ But since many carriers were forced to make those accommodations, I think many have realized that their employees can be just as efficient, effective, and productive working from their homes as they can be working out of an office.”

Fran Brooks, Corporate Claims Training Specialist, PMA Companies. CLM Fellow since 2013.

“After the COVID restrictions were lifted, we assumed a return to in-person handling of cases would occur. But to our surprise, the remote technology for depositions, mediations, hearings, and trials appears to be here to stay, and we must adapt to the new virtual world we live in.”

Jorge Cruz, Shareholder/Partner, Daniels Rodriguez Berkeley Daniels & Cruz, PA. CLM Member since 2012.

“The biggest surprise for me in 2022 is the continued struggles faced by all industries for staffing, and the unacceptance of that reality by courts and clients. Courts expect the same if not more on a shorter time frame. There has been no consideration given to the defense industry to the difficulty in conducting discovery, obtaining records, or locating witnesses. The pressure to try and settle cases has never been greater.”

Cathleen Kelly Rebar, Partner, Rebar Kelly. CLM Member since 2012.


Percent of companies in the world that are 100% remote.

Source: Owl Labs

4.7 million

Number of people in the U.S. who work remotely at least half the time.

Source: Owl Labs

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