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The Future of Work From Home

CLM Fellows and Members share their thoughts on post-pandemic work flexibility

May 11, 2022 Photo

As we move beyond pandemic restrictions, does your company plan to maintain a work-from-home policy, partial or otherwise, and what challenges do you foresee?

“Canal believes it vital to our continued success that we foster a culture that is best practiced when our employees are working together in our offices. However, the pandemic has caused us to refine our processes so that our employees can be productive in a remote working environment. As we return to our offices, we have decided to provide a hybrid schedule to those desiring one. While there are challenges with this type of schedule, we are committed to our employees’ work/life balance, overall job satisfaction, and retention.”

Christopher Greene, Senior Vice President, Chief Claims Officer & General Counsel, Canal Insurance Company. CLM Fellow since 2008.

“We returned to our offices full-time last year, but based on employee expectations, we have concluded that we must implement an ongoing, limited work-from-home option to remain competitive in the job market. However, we continue to have concerns about performance accountability, diminished synergy, and loss of firm cohesiveness stemming from work-from-home policies.”

Brian Henry, Firm President, Rolfes Henry Co., LPA. CLM Member since 2013.

“My firm intends to continue offering a flexible office/home work schedule for the foreseeable future, as employees have demonstrated their ability to work efficiently in both arenas. It will be important to find creative means to mentor younger attorneys to develop critical ‘courtroom’ skills in an increasingly virtual environment.”

Kimare Dyer, Partner, Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. CLM Member since 2021.

“We intend to maintain a flexible work policy. The majority of our claims professionals will continue to work primarily from home, but we also recognize the importance of team collaboration and the need to utilize office space for team meetings, training, development conversations, strategy, and planning meetings.”

Matt Morrison, Enterprise Specialty Claims Leader, AFICS. CLM Fellow since 2008.


Percent of workers surveyed who would like to continue working from home for at least two days a week.

Source: Source: PwC


Average amount that remote workers save per year in transportation, food, and childcare.

Source: TECLA

About The Authors
Fran Clark

Fran Clark is SME Manager at CLM.  fran.clark@TheCLM.org

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