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Plain Language, Practice, or Policy?

Tips for defending COVID-19 workers' compensation claims

It’s a Wearables World

Three Considerations when Implementing Wearable Sensor Technology

Going the Distance

Special Considerations for Remote Employees in the Post-Pandemic Era

Understanding Medicare's Recovery Processes

How to leverage greater cost-savings for workers’ compensation, general liability, and no-fault claims payers

Trends in Workers’ Compensation Drug Payments

WCRI reports dermatological agents, NSAIDS lead prescription payments in 28 states

The Goldilocks Approach to Physical Therapy

Combining clinical treatment and claims data helps workers receive care that is “just right”

Digitizing Claims

What insurers can do to help prevent identity fraud

Beat the Heat

Climate change, worker safety, and productivity

Deep in the Heart of (Frozen) Texas

A former CAT adjuster explains what to expect after the state's catastrophic winter freeze

Transitioning Workers’ Compensation by Reimagining It

A new organization thinks strategically about how to handle the influx and outflow of workers' comp talent over the coming decade

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