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CLM Claims Career Center

We've got the answers you need in order to make your next big career move.

Removing the Teeth of Utilization Reviews

Michigan court blunts impact of 2019 no-fault reforms

Spotlight on Transportation

CLM’s newest educational event offering, Spotlight, launches in June with a focus on addressing trending transportation issues.

EPA Closing in on Drinking Water Regulations

The expected economic consequences and federalism implications of proposed PFAS MCLs

A Fresh Look at Structures

Save on claims payouts, reduce litigation time and expense, and provide a lifetime of safety and security to claimants

Workers' Comp Study Examines Physician Treatment Rates

The study is the first to examine the workers’ compensation physician marketplace across multiple states.

Chapter Happenings: CLM Atlanta

CLM's Atlanta Chapter held its first event of 2023

Reducing Claims and Eliminating Accidents

Achieving tech-enabled frequency reduction in 2023

Strategies for Settlement

How looking at the tax code can help you save

Chapter Happenings: CLM San Diego

CLM's San Diego Chapter held its first 2023 event on LGBTQ legal updates

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