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Digitizing Claims

What insurers can do to help prevent identity fraud

Beat the Heat

Climate change, worker safety, and productivity

Deep in the Heart of (Frozen) Texas

A former CAT adjuster explains what to expect after the state's catastrophic winter freeze

Transitioning Workers’ Compensation by Reimagining It

A new organization thinks strategically about how to handle the influx and outflow of workers' comp talent over the coming decade.

Discovering New Protections

An Illinois Appellate Court ruling shields workers’ compensation carriers from civil discovery

Let’s Settle This Online

The benefits of online mediation for personal injury disputes

Trend Watch: On-Demand Claims Solutions

Are these services a wish come true for insurers overwhelmed by catastrophes?

Driving the “Wait” Out of Claims Files

The key to closing litigated claims more quickly is simple

Revisiting Employee Theft and Embezzlement

Further advice on how to decrease fraudulent claims

Ganging Up on Landlords

Landlords face premises liability claims under Gang Act decision

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