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Let’s Settle This Online

The benefits of online mediation for personal injury disputes

Trend Watch: On-Demand Claims Solutions

Are these services a wish come true for insurers overwhelmed by catastrophes?

Driving the “Wait” Out of Claims Files

The key to closing litigated claims more quickly is simple

Revisiting Employee Theft and Embezzlement

Further advice on how to decrease fraudulent claims

Ganging Up on Landlords

Landlords face premises liability claims under Gang Act decision

Reading the Disc

Spinal disc injuries in rear-end, low-impact collisions: myth or reality?

Walmart's COVID-19 Problem

How plaintiffs are bringing direct actions against employers like Walmart for injuries or deaths allegedly caused by COVID-19.

The Payer and the Pharmacy Benefit Manager

The evolution of the PBM hits a peak at a crucial time for optimized cost savings and customer service.

Title Insurance Claims 101

How to navigate the title insurance claims handling process in order to avoid bad faith traps.

Heightened Insecurity

Terror threats inspire renewed interest in kidnap for ransom insurance.

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