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Walmart's COVID-19 Problem

How plaintiffs are bringing direct actions against employers like Walmart for injuries or deaths allegedly caused by COVID-19.

The Payer and the Pharmacy Benefit Manager

The evolution of the PBM hits a peak at a crucial time for optimized cost savings and customer service.

Title Insurance Claims 101

How to navigate the title insurance claims handling process in order to avoid bad faith traps.

Heightened Insecurity

Terror threats inspire renewed interest in kidnap for ransom insurance.

Lie Strong

Who is at fault when we do not tell the truth?

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Know the ins and outs to maximize subrogation potential from growing sign losses.

Ten Things to Consider and Look For in Handling Insurance Claims

While no two claims are alike, there are 10 frequent claim issues that arise regardless of the type of claim. Do you know what they are?

Binding or Not: Arbitration Clauses in Construction Contracts

A well-drafted arbitration clause can be the catalyst for resolving construction contract disputes quickly and cost-effectively, and there is a strong policy at both the federal and state levels favoring arbitration.

An Adjuster’s Perspective on 47 Years in the Industry

We should not be so quick to change what has worked for decades without careful analysis of what can be learned and extracted from our past and then successfully applied to the future.

Impact of Reserve Redundancy and Deficiency on Results

Continuing his discussion on the science and art of case reserving, senior management consultant Michael Murdock why the process is a core responsibility of all claims professionals.

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