Inside Information, Outside the Contract

Full Clarity on Partial Releases

How to navigate a primary insurer’s duty of good faith

Preventing Bad-Faith Train Wrecks

How to keep a case on the right track to avoid disaster

Layers of Liability

Bad faith and the interplay between primary, excess, and umbrella coverages

Order Out of Chaos

Adjusting claims and litigating weather-related catastrophes

Acting in Good Faith

Takeaways from the Extra-Contractual Committee's recent webinar, “Common Pitfalls of Extra-Contractual Risk Exposure: Recent Trends in Claims and Solutions”

Common Pitfalls of Extra-Contractual Risk Exposure

How to spot potential problems, including those caused by COVID-19

Getting Their Voices Heard

The modern trend towards insurer intervention in liability suits

Runaway Inflation

Adjusting for social inflation in litigation

Personalizing Corporate Defendants

How to tell a human story about your client’s company

The Gathering Storm

When mass tort litigation trends collide with bad-faith claims

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CLM’s Extra-Contractual Committee marshals cutting-edge knowledge, expertise, and resources to offer a strong platform of programs for resolution executives, managers, and front-line professionals. The committee helps develop educational and collaborative programs that promote proactive management of extra-contractual issues in multiline insurance settings.

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