How will the use of drones improve the insurance claims industry?

Melissa Hill, Hamilton USA., and three others answer this month's question.

Recall Meets General Liability

Understanding policy interactions can make a world of difference.

Bare the Risk

Digging through contract language—all of it—is the best way to ascertain who has been indemnified in a construction contract and if it’s legal.

The Ultimate Loss

Workers compensation offers death benefits, but clients can still be dragged into wrongful death and injury liability lawsuits.

Defining Quality and Leadership

How reflection can be the key to unlocking your team.

Choosing Your Words Wisely

How we say things can alter perceptions as much as what we are saying.

Uncertified Acts of Terrorism

The U.S. government rarely certifies terrorists’ acts of violence as terrorism. Even if it did, your insured’s terrorism policy probably wouldn’t be triggered.

Peace Nix

With riots at home and abroad ramping up, claims of loss at construction sites are more dependent than ever on clear definitions of perils.

Around the CLM - National May 2017

We look at construction defect standards in Colorado, key workers compensation reforms in New York, and product liability issues related to cigarettes in Kentucky.

Advocacy in Action

Achieving better outcomes by putting the needs of injured workers first

The Awards Afterparty

Get to know CLM’s 2017 professionals of the year.

Entering the Fray

Great Insurance Jobs’ Cofounder Roger Lear is here to help you overcome obstacles to your career and job search. This month, he tackles the ever-confounding resume.

Generations in the Workplace

The claims world needs millennials, and it may need to change to retain them.

Because I Got High

The workplace dilemma of recreational and medical marijuana sparked an interesting discussion in a recent webinar presented by CLM’s Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality Community

Leading the Way

If there’s one thread that weaves its way through this issue and our industry as a whole, it’s the importance of leadership.

CLM Voices: Getting to Know Donnette Washington

Donnette Washington - Director of Risk Management, HITT Contracting Inc.

One License to Rule Them All

CLM’s Universal Claim Certification program gains momentum.

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