Beat the Heat

Climate change, worker safety, and productivity

The Fight for Privacy

As 2021 comes online, here are the privacy laws and legislation to watch

Deep in the Heart of (Frozen) Texas

A former CAT adjuster explains what to expect after the state's catastrophic winter freeze

Getting Their Voices Heard

The modern trend towards insurer intervention in liability suits

CLM National: February 2021

News and verdicts that affect you from across the country

Getting to Know: James Bynoe

Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions’ chief claims counsel explains why D&I is at the heart of all he does.

When and Where to Say “I’m Sorry”

A 50-state survey of apology laws and their impact on medical-malpractice suits

Becoming Allies

CLM’s D&I Committee recently held a webinar entitled, “How to Promote and Recognize Allyship for Diversity and Inclusion”

A Necessary Conversation

CLM discusses systemic racism through the insurance lens

Trigger Words

Why language matters, and how it shapes coverage decisions

Flip It on Fraud

Ask yourself, “What would I expect from a legitimate claimant?”

Tech Expectations

What technologies will have the biggest impact on claims in 2021?

Managing Both Human and Cost Drivers

A driver shortage and an aging workforce impact workers’ compensation

Do We See the Light?

CLM continues to evaluate, re-evaluate, strategize, and plan for the uncertain months ahead

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