The Fraud Triangle Theory

How a three-pronged approach can improve your bottom line.

Where We’re Going

AIG’s Richard Woollams told us where the industry is headed at the inaugural Claims College.

Inside Risk with Steve Truono, Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Starwood's Vice President of Global Risk Management & Insurance discusses what it’s like to manage risk for a business that never closes.

Around the Nation: October 2013

State news and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.

Takings and the Fifth

Is inverse condemnation a solution for subrogated carriers when government has a role in flooding?

"What are your thoughts on CLM's new Claims College?"

Students answer this month's question, including Lei Huang from ACE North America.

How Hot Is Too Hot?

Structural assessment of fire-damaged buildings reveals what may rise from the ashes.

The Hazards and Rewards of Whistleblowing

Although whistleblowers can be significantly rewarded, doing so for the sake of personal gain is a poor ethical motivation.

High-Tech Efficiency Wars

Leveraging technology to keep up in the workers’ compensation arms race.

Understanding the Generational Expectations of Claimants

Consider the values and prejudices of every generation when litigating or negotiating a claim.

The Walking Meds

Strategies for preventing prescription pill zombies in workers’ compensation claims.

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, Claims, or Lawsuits?

Occasionally, new technology emerges that seems to rest on the line between being a positive or negative advancement in fraud prevention.

Health Care Reform's Impact on Claims Management

How the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act could affect P&C insurers' operations.

In the C-Suite: Fausto Martin

We chat with Auto Club Group’s vice president and chief claims officer.

Water, Water...Everywhere

Flood claims may be excluded, but insurers still face a raft of concerns in Colorado.

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