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Looking for advice on how to make your next big career move? Need answers on how to optimize your resume? Wondering how you can improve your interviewing skills?

Since 2017, CLM Magazine has worked hand-in-hand with Great Insurance Jobs’ Co-Founder Roger Lear to answer these pressing questions and many more. Now, for the first time, you can find all of his great advice in one convenient, bookmarkable archive. Organized by question type first, then date second, the advice aims to give insurance claims professionals the support and advice they need to be successful no matter what their goals are.  



(More) Tools for Success 

More examples of how AI tools can help your insurance job search. 

Tools for Success

How AI tools can help you land your next big job.

Job Hunting Resolutions 

What to consider when changing jobs. 

Finding a New Home

Help for why you might be striking out in a hot job market.

Searching Incognito

How to stay off the radar when job hunting.

Culture Clash

Advice on researching a potential new employer.



Competition Across the Country

How to stand out in a national talent pool.

Opportunity Knocks

How to leverage your strengths.

Resume Operations

Tips on optimizing your résumé.

Writing Wrongs

Advice on crafting résumés to be read by technology.

Entering the Fray

How to make your résumé stand out.



Offer Advice

Finding the best way to negotiate salary.

Tackling the Virtual Job Interview

Tips on how to excel on a virtual job interview.

What’s Your Worth

How to negotiate salary on your next job.

Questions to Expect at Your Next Interview

The 10 questions you can expect to be asked on a job interview.

Press “O” to Speak With the Chatbot

What to expect with hiring managers using artificial intelligence (AI).

An Interview to Remember

Overcoming obstacles to your career and job search with interview advice.

The Black Hole

Advice on how to get an interview.



Exiting the Scene

The benefits of taking part in an exit interview.

The Great Regret

Tips for those who may have jumped too quickly into the Great Resignation.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Advice on how to handle the Great Resignation.

Heading Down a New Path

Tips on changing jobs within the industry.

Now Departing

Advice on why employees might choose to leave a company.

Calling It Quits

How to figure out when it’s time to move on to another job.



Jump-Starting a Stalled Career

Tips on how to jump-start a stalled career.

How to “Sell” Insurance

How to spread the word about the job opportunities in insurance.


Advice on how to overcome perpetual second-place finishes.

Social Media Superstars

Tips on how to get noticed the right way.

Social Media Risks and Rewards

Some unexpected social media advice for professionals during the job search.

The Power of Professional Networks

Learn the usefulness of social media and professional networks.



The Evolution of Insurance Jobs

Jobs in the insurance industry are changing for the better.

Managing Change and Opportunity

Tips for those adjusting to workplace challenges.

Back in Business

Suggestions on office acclimatization with return to office orders resuming.

Remote Control

Expense advice when working from home.

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